Fashion is not just limited to women. Modern men are stylish and they love to shop something unique. Australian men always search for stylish outfits and accessories. But, only a good shop can satisfy them.

‘Declic’ is located in Australia. It is founded by Gilles Du Puy. Gilles is from France. He has years of experience in the fashion industry (Paris). Moreover, France is known as the birthplace of fashion. Hence, Gilles has fashion in his blood.

Do you know what is called ‘love at first sight’ in French? It’s called ‘Declic’. Indeed, Declic has some jaw-dropping styles in its store. Their mesmerizing collection is bound to attract attention. That’s why it’s a perfect fashion store for all Australian men. Review


Exceptionally Beautiful Designs

Gilles Du Puy had created this brand to present something new to the Australian men. In reality, his designs and styles are truly praise-worthy.

The prints on his shirts are unique and attractive. Moreover, all the accessories in his store are outstanding. He has blended modern art with the traditional style. Hence, you can hardly find such beautiful designs anywhere in Australia.


Multiple Stylish Products

The ‘Declic’ store has a huge collection. You can find here – shirts, Jackets, ties, cuff links, socks, bow ties, formal wears, business wears, and many more stylish clothes.

Apart from that, they have a good collection of leather goods and accessories. They have leather bags, money clips, shoelaces, scarves, and more items.



If a dress is not comfortable, then it has no value. That’s why Gilles crafts all his dresses with light and comfortable fabrics. His fabrics and silk are brought from France and Italy. Hence, ‘Declic’ always produces supreme quality clothes and accessories.


Vast Experience

This brand was born in 1986. Before creating this ‘Declic’ brand, Gilles had traveled to many places. His vast experience and skill make him a great designer. He and his team know – which fashion is right for Australian men. That’s why all his designs are captivating and attractive.


‘Declic’ has its physical stores in Melbourne and Sydney. You can also order their products online. They allow many popular payment options. Hence, all your transactions will be safe and secure.

Just visit the website to see their impressive mens business shirts in Australia collections. (